I really appreciate your support and letters! – Gwen Lachelt

Letters About Gwen and Thank You’s

Lachelt shows how government can work, August 20, 2016, Durango Herald Letter to the Editor, by John Orr
I would like to commend a government official for doing her job exceptionally well…The response of Commissioner Lachelt was swift and decisive; this is how government should always work. Full article.

Lachelt champions the public interest, July 17, 2016 Durango Herald Letter to the Editor, by Emily Thorn
Time and time again, Gwen has worked to accurately represent our community in the face of development. Along with supporting the MLP, she has worked to set in motion a permanent clean-up effort for the Animas and to reform antiquated mining laws. From where I’m sitting, Commissioner Lachelt is doing a great job supporting our community and our local economy, and I applaud her for her leadership! Full article

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union applauds the action taken June 28, 2016 by the La Plata County Commission to adopt a resolution supporting the Bureau of Land Management’s proposal to reduce natural gas waste through venting, flaring and leaking. Read the letter.

U.S. Congressional Committee on Natural Resources thank you letter. Read the letter.